How You can help


Make a tax deductible donation to the 5 Borough Voting Challenge Campaign


Even though the voter registration deadline is past, there is still plenty to do to help get the vote out and volunteer in this election.

Polling Site flyers - please use the flyer designed to help you remind your neighbors to vote - and to give them the location of their polling site. And, be a good neighbor - reach out, provide a copy of the flyer to a building in your area. Help in finding the proper polling place if that is needed. Print out your flyer, fill it out and place it in your building. We suggest you do this the weekend before the election day.

Run your own voter outreach event

Use the League’s Voter Registration Training Guide to get started. Feel free to use any of our educational materials at your event:

Additional resources online - Vote Guide

Pollsite Locator

Voter Lookup - Check your voter registration status