What Makes NYC Run?

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Using the New York City Charter as a road map, ‘What Makes New York City Run?” describes the roles of elected officials and how they develop budgets, make land use decisions and provide city services. Most importantly, it explains how and where New Yorkers can play a role and effect change with links to access services, learn how the city is spending their money, and participate on community boards, watch council sessions or testify at public hearings.

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This 2024 update was generously underwritten by the the following organizations:
Partnership for New York City
We <3 NYC

The guide book is a reliable and valuable source of information used by many, including high schools, colleges, journalists, media and community based organizations. The League also offers an insightful presentation based on Chapter 2 of this book called,  “Who Makes NYC Run?” which focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the elected officials in NYC. To request this presentation, please complete the “Request an Event” form.