TOGETHER WE CAN Effect Change for Every New Yorker


Volunteers make everything we do possible. You can volunteer with the League whether or not you choose to join the League as a dues-paying member. We are always seeking people who care about the rights of others and making democracy work for all.

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Why volunteer?

The League receives many requests to set up and staff voter registration tables, Get-Out-The-Vote activities and schedule League speakers at various organizations and locations throughout the five boroughs. As a volunteer with the League of Women Voters, your work at any of these events will help to improve New York State’s ranking as 46th in the nation for voter turnout. Voter registration is vital even in years when there’s no presidential election: every year people become eligible to vote by turning 18, moving to New York or becoming citizens, and there are important upcoming NYC and state elections. But getting people registered is only part of our work – encouraging them to vote is a bigger challenge.

Sign Up, It’s Easy!

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the “Register to Volunteer” form to tell us of your interests and see the many ways you can help the League.  We will contact you to discuss your interest, and add you to our list of interested volunteers to receive notices of when new volunteer opportunities are added to the calendar. 

Please view the “Calendar of Volunteer Opportunities” to sign up for a specific event.  Choose by date and location on the calendar – click through and you will see the types of volunteer jobs available for that event.  Choose the one that fits your schedule and fill out your contact information. 

Both League members and non-members can volunteer at voter registration events. Many of the jobs do not require training, but if you would like to get trained on how to do Voter Registration or to be a League speaker,  please see our Calendar of Events  for the next training date. 

Organize A Voter Registration Event

Do you want to help get people registered to vote?

Have our team come to your office, school or organization and register your colleagues, students and community to vote.

Get Trained to Register Voters

The League offers training for individuals or groups on how to register voters. See our Calendar of Events  for the next training date or contact us at [email protected]

Become a League Speaker

For over 100 years, League members have provided non-partisan election and civic information.  Add your voice to this group! See our Calendar of Events for the next training date or contact us at [email protected].

Who Makes NYC Run?
As authors of the book What Makes NYC Run?, the League is an authority on the inner workings of NYC government. This presentation focuses on the role of local and city-wide elected and appointed positions, including the job of a Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate and the responsibilities of City Council members and Borough presidents.

What’s on the Ballot
Before every election, invite the League to answer your questions about who and what to expect to be on the ballot. In 2022, races will be: US Senate, US House, Governor, State Senate and State Assembly. Voting will take place in June and August for Primaries and November for General Elections

Redistricting 101
Participants learn how the congressional redistricting took place in New York State, and the impact it will have on local communities and resources.

Women’s History
Hear an overview of suffrage for women in the United States, including the many “Erased Suffragists”; leaders in the movement but lost to history because they were women of color. We highlight the obstacles that have been put up (and overcome!) to limit minority individual’s active participation in American politics.

How to be a Citizen Advocate
Learn how the League’s Voting Reform activities have made an impact on the voting laws in New York State, and how to adopt these practices to advocate for an issue of importance.

New York City continues to rank among the lowest in voter turnout across the country. This presentation discusses the specific hurdles and challenges facing New York City voters. It outlines concrete actions that advocates and volunteers can take to encourage our fellow citizens to come out to vote.

Duration: 45 minutes
Engage your employees with a challenging game of New York City History and Voting Trivia. This 3-round competition
is a great way to build teams, and provide information that lasts a long time.

Help The League Register New Voters
Duration: 2 hours with travel
How does it feel to register a new voter to vote for the first time? Euphoric – for both the registrant AND the person doing the registration! Your employees could feel that elation when they visit a NYC high school to help register and pre-register seniors. Employees would be guided by on-site LWV staff and equipped with voter registration materials and the ever-popular “I’m a Registered Voter” stickers.

Get Out The Vote! (Postcarding or Flyer Distribution)
Duration: 2 hours
Reminding voters to vote… works. The League can guide your employees to craft non-partisan messages for flyers and postcards. As the League is non-partisan, the League only mails reminders to non-affiliated voters (not affiliated with any political party) encouraging them to vote. The League also prioritizes voters in districts with lower voter turnout rates. Or your employees could be assigned to a NYC neighborhood to post flyers that
remind and direct voters to their polling site.

Share The Constitution
Duration: Half-day including travel
Rally your employees to step out into the community and celebrate the foundational document of American Democracy! Constitution Day is September 17th – and everyone should have their own copy. Teams will be given nametags identifying them as League volunteers and pocket-sized booklets of the U.S. Constitution to hand out at a highly trafficked location (public libraries, college campuses, subway stations, etc.). Employees will be coached on document passages relating to voting rights and will brainstorm how to engage the public with these materials. You can create a competition among teams to see who hands out all of their copies first.

Voter Registration Training
Duration: 1 hour
Voter Registration events can be conducted by your employees and hosted at your offices to ensure all colleagues have access to the ballot box. Our Voter Registration Training sessions empower employees to set up their own voter registration program for your company or community. Trained employees will be able to answer questions about voter eligibility, registration forms, and deadlines for changing parties or updating registrations for new addresses and outreach ideas. This can include setting up registration tables in your lunch area, at the entrance to your office, or attending department meetings. Supplies provided include voter registration forms and the ever-popular “I’m a Registered Voter” stickers. We also regularly coordinate with other Leagues in New Jersey and Connecticut to enable employees residing outside of New York to participate.

Election Information Service Training
Duration: 1 hour
Each election season the League responds to thousands of inbound calls to answer questions regarding absentee ballots, early voting, registration status and more. Your employees can be trained to answer questions and then sign up to be part of this telephone service to impart this important information.